About OptraLABS

OptraLABS is the world’s first-ever solution provider focused on providing complete suite to defeat COVID-19. Through its continuous technological innovations, it aims at defeating the virus at every step.

OptraLABS latest launch is Optra-Shield - a rapid, at-home recovery test kit to detect IgG antibodies.

Based on studies conducted at the National Institute of Virology (NIV) Pune, ‘Optra-Shield’ test kits showed 99% specificity & 95% sensitivity to detect immunity post COVID-19 infection. These kits detect IgG antibodies which are developed post COVID-19 infection as a fighting mechanism of the body immune system. Once these antibodies are developed, the person becomes non-contagious and considered safe to intermingle with others.

The test kits are validated at NIV & approved by ICMR (Indian Council of Medical Research).

OptraLABS is a wholly owned subsidiary of Optra Group of companies. OptraSCAN, a digital pathology venture, OptraHEALTH a genetic testing venture, Devisha Films a National award winner entertainment company are some of its other group companies.

About Our Founders

Abhi Gholap

CEO & Founder

Abhi is an alumnus of IIT Mumbai and Stanford University Graduate school of Business. He specializes in startups and product management.

Dr. Gauri Naik

Dr. Gauri is a biotechnologist with an extensive commercial research and entrepreneurial background. She has extensive experience working in the genetics, cytology, microbiology, molecular biology, medical imaging and bioinformatics fields.