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OS-Kits SARS CoV2 Corona Antigen Test Kit

Rapid Test For The Qualitative Detection Of Novel Corona Virus Antigen in Human Nasal Swab Specimen

"Optra Labs has been associated with Oscars Medicare Pvt. Ltd as authorized distributor and marketer for ICMR approved government institutes, corporate pathology lab chains and local hospital for Rapid Antigen Tests''

OS-Kits are manufactured under stringent manufacturing procedure laid down by ICMR and have higher specification in the group of as- Positive Predictive Values are 100% and Negative Predictive values are 71.5% which are significant in the group.

Os-Kits : Contains : Total 25 Tests

Each Kit-Box has 25 Test Cassettes, 25 Collector tubes and nozzle tips , 25 Nasopharyngeal breakable cotton swabs, buffer bottle.

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