Covid-19 & IgG/IgM Antibodies Test Kits

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Optra-Shield Recovery Test Kit

Optra-Shield At Home Point Of Care Antibody Presence Test Kit


Patient Triaging Chatbot For Web And Mobile

  • AI Platform with 65mn ontologies
  • NLP based Q&A
  • Over 1 million frequently asked questions
  • Triaging in compliance with CDC guidelines
  • Used by Myriad, Quest, Labcorp, Sema4, Advagenix to name a few

Optra-Shield Recovery Test Kit

Point Of Care COVID-19 Antibody Test Kit

  • At home rapid test to verify immunity
  • IgG antibody test kit on blood sample
  • Identifies COVID-19 antibodies exposure easily
  • Validated At NIV & Approved By Indian Council of Medical Research
  • Specificity: 99%

Self-Assessment Application

  • AI platform with 65mn ontologies
  • NLP based questions and answers
  • Over 1 million frequently asked questions


Patient Tracking Portal & Application

  • Web and Mobile tracking to locate patients with active antibodies /
    asymptomatic carrier
  • Possible convalescent plasma donor


Enhancing convalescent plasma therapy as COVID-19 treatment

Message Now
  • Turn-key solution for COVID-19 Plasma Therapy using WhatsApp
  • WHO guidelines-based donor & recipient assessment
  • Conversational Data Collection
  • Instant assessment
  • Notification of new donors / recipients
  • Donor – Recipient Matching
  • COVID-19 KnowledgeBOT – Ask any question
  • Connect to a real Health Expert
  • Find plasma transfusion centers
  • Register as transfusion center
  • Integrate patients into your own practice
  • Fully customizable workflows